The board of the foundation exists of a minimum of three board members, at present the following persons:

  • Ms. Anna Knaup, Chairwoman
  • Mr. Cor van de Corput, Treasurer
  • Mr. Robbert van de Corput, Board Member


As stated in Article 3, paragraph 5 of the foundation’s Statutes, no board member may be remunerated for their efforts other than restitutions of expenses made on behalf of their work for the foundation and a reasonable, non-eccessive, attendance fee.

The policy of the foundation is to recruit as many volunteers as possible to execute all operational duties. As goes for the board members, the only authorized allowance for volunteers of the foundation is the remuniration of expenses made on behalf of their work for the foundation.

In case the foundation has to contract employees for executive work and/or handling, it is allowed to contract such employees under standard competitive terms of remuneration which are responsible, appropriate and socially acceptable to the status of a public benefit institution.


Daily administration is carried out by the administrative staff of the companies of Chairwoman Anna Knaup, namely Anna Agency B.V. and Sorted Too B.V.


All annual statements of the foundation are published on the website of the foundation:

  • Goals
  • Board formation
  • Report of activities
  • Abbreviated statement of income and expenses and planned spending
  • Abbreviated policy plan