Statutory Objectives

The objective of the foundation is set out in Article 2 of the Foundation’s Statutes as follows:

"The foundation aims to provide underprivileged children in the world with education and training, to offer them a chance at a better future."

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by raising funds and donations.

With its objective, the Foundation seeks to serve the public interest.

Absence of profit

The foundation does not aim to make a profit, as is clear from Article 2 of the Statutes.

The foundation therefore does not seek to make a profit. The unspent balance of all funds raised by the foundation’s activities is donated periodically to the goals supported by the foundation.

Destination liquidation balance

As stated in Article 10, paragraph 5 of the Foundation’s Statutes, any liquidation proceeds will be spent for the benefit of one or more charities with a similar purpose or for a foreign institution which aims exclusively or almost exclusively for charitable causes and which has a similar objective.