About the event

In cooperation with the GuestList4Good social enterprise and its founder Shailendra Singh, Hardwell and Anna Knaup (CEO of international electronic music agency Anna Agency) are coming together once again to deliver the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ (WBGLF) in association with Hardwell’s United We Are Foundation. Expanding from its previous inception, the now 3-day festival will cater for sports and live Bollywood music, as well as the unique aid day event from Hardwell on Sunday 3 December 2017 to close the festival.

Talking about the target for the 2017 edition of the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ and his project the United We Are Foundation, Hardwell said: “In 2015 we helped put the spotlight on something that is of great importance to the future of many young children living in Mumbai. The entire team were blown away by the response of the fans and sponsors that day but it felt like only the beginning of the journey. Although we achieved, and excelled, with our donations goal, we all knew that more could be done. So, it is for this reason we decided to go back to India and make the goal even bigger by aiming to educate 100,000 young children. And this time, I’ll be joined by some of my biggest DJ friends who will be helping us achieve this aim.”

Titled ‘UNITED WE ARE BY Hardwell’ the show will see Hardwell, joined by some of his DJ friends, attempt to put attention back on to the subject of child education in India and place more awareness on the deprived conditions of the slums of Mumbai, that many of these young children have to live in day-to-day.

Working once again with the Magic Bus Programme, the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ will bring about social change to the city of Mumbai by putting international awareness on the issue of education. The goal is very simple: kick-start an educational revolution that helps navigate children of the slums from childhood to adulthood by providing them with the tools to make their own social change later in life.